The Grinch who Stole Christmas 2

One day a new person arrived in town. That person was cool but not cooler then the Grinch. That person’s name was Jimmy. One day Jimmy shouted very loud "Christmas is nearly over". The Grinch heard him shout. The Grinch had a very nasty idea. He should steal Easter. Another person arrived in town his name was Melfed. His birthday was on Easter. The Grinch captured Jimmy and trained him to be his Grinch son.

One day a person said, "Jimmy is missing". One person said, "let’s split up". Five people went to the river. Another five people went to the park. Another five people went to the forest. Another five people went to the mountain  and another five people went to search in town. One last little girl went to search at the Grinch’s lare. She found Jimmy. He looked like a Grinch. He refused to come. He was with the Grinch. The little girl told everyone in town that he refused to come with me. Someone said maybe because you’re a little girl. The Grinch said my plan is that we capture all the people and then steal Melfed's birthday. Jimmy was on the Grinch’s team. All the people from town came to get Jimmy. The Grinch defended Jimmy. Jimmy refused to come with them. He said he was with the Grinch. The Grinch and jimmy travelled into the forest. They were living with gorillas. They looked like gorillas. They travelled with the gorillas.  The past the whole entire forest. Then he remembered an idea from the Grinch who stole Christmas. He was going to make a super sleigh. They gathered logs and peoples engines. And made a sleigh. The sled threw the forest. They ended up in the desert.