Broken Down Car

broken carLast summer started out to be dull and boring and everyone was miserable. Suddenly dad’s face lit up and said “how about we go to Aunt Belinda’s house?” “Won’t it take five hours to get there” I groaned. Mum said “it’s a wonderful idea”. Her face lighting up with happiness. So we got our shoes and jumped right into the car.


Half way to Aunt Belinda’s house the car started to cough and splutter. Dad stopped the car and checked the engine. He sadly said “the car engine has broken down”. I started to worry because we were a long way from anywhere we know of.  I checked my mobile for signal, but it was out of range. I sadly sat down thinking it was hopeless. It was then that I realised there were big rocks all around me. I climbed to the tip top of the biggest rock that I could find. At the top I stood on my toes and tried to get into the range. Fortunately there was enough battery on my mobile for my G.P.S. system. I looked for the closest town and it was 10 km away. I told my parents the news. They both said that we had to walk to the town.

For one hour we walked to the town and finally we arrived tired and hungry. We looked for food, but there was none as the town was abandoned. For one last time I checked the phone for a signal. There was a faint signal and we called for help and waited. Soon a helicopter came and took us to Aunt Belinda’s house. 


About Me

mpNamaste (hello) and welcome to my web site. My name is Miyu Bansal. I’m a year 4 student in room one at Torrensville Primary School (T.P.S). My teacher this year is Mrs Makris.

My mum’s name is Raman Mittal and my dad’s name is Dharam Paul I have two sisters (Subedhaa and Sanigdha) and one brother (Daksh). My favourite colours are yellow and green.

My hobbies are reading, maths, science, watching TV and computer game playing. My favourite school subject is mathematics.