Twisted Ankle

Miyu and his sister were playing tennis. Miyu ran for the ball and in his rush he twisted his ankle and cried in agony. His sister ran to her brother. His ankle started to swell. So his sister took him to the hospital.


At the hospital unfortunately there were a lot of people in the waiting room so they had to wait a long time for the doctor, but on the plus side they could read magazines. Finally, it was their turn and the radiologist took them to the X-ray room and the X–ray of his ankle was taken. Radiologist examined the X-ray and said: “you have sprained your ankle.”

The nurse put a bag of ice on his ankle and then Miyu was taken to the examining room. The doctor examined on him and then put a bandage around the ankle, gave him some crutches and said: “for a month no tennis for you.” 

About Me

mpNamaste (hello) and welcome to my web site. My name is Miyu Bansal. I’m a year 4 student in room one at Torrensville Primary School (T.P.S). My teacher this year is Mrs Makris.

My mum’s name is Raman Mittal and my dad’s name is Dharam Paul I have two sisters (Subedhaa and Sanigdha) and one brother (Daksh). My favourite colours are yellow and green.

My hobbies are reading, maths, science, watching TV and computer game playing. My favourite school subject is mathematics.