Monkey Island

monkey1Once upon a time a monkey family went to beach and swimming pool. At the beach the little kid made a sand castle. It was huge and you could even go inside it. Near the sea shore they saw lots of crabs and lots of seaweeds too. They went for a swim and the monkey kid could swim under water without goggles. Mom  monkey sat on a chair while drinking a cold coffee while watching little kid making the castle. Dad monkey and big brother did surfing on the the big waves. The big brother and dad monkey were surfers. They all enjoyed a lot. It was fun. When they were going to the shower a sign said, "You have to pay". So they payed the money. They went to swimming pool. The family all did the diving from the board except the baby and the little kid. 


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About Me


Namaste (hello) and welcome to my web site. My name is Sanigdha and I am 7 year old. I am a year 2 student and am in room 16 in Linden Park Primary School. My teacher is Miss. Wellk.

I have 2 brothers and one sister. I am a girl. My bigger brother is 11 years old. And I am one of the triplets because my other brother is seven and so is my sister. 

I like to draw and write stories. I like to read also. My dad is scientist and he makes medicines. My mom is good chef and is going to be a Teacher.