Pixie Land

One day in Pixie land there were kids who went to school and one person was meditating. It was one of the kid's birthday and the bear gave the kids stuff. Funky wanted to marry the person meditating. The person meditating is growing flowers. The meditating helps the flowers grow. She does everyday. 


A Rabbit

A rabit was messing up a garden. The men who oned the garden wanted to kill the rabit. He had cute eye which saved him. He ran away and fell down into a volcano.


About Me

subedhaaNamaste (hello) and welcome to my web site. My name is Subedhaa and I am 6 year old. I am a year 1st student  and going to room 22 in Torrensville Primary School. My teacher is Miss. Kerry. I have 2 borthers and one sister. I am a girl. My bigger brother is 10 year old. And I am one of the triplets because my other brother is six and so is my sister.

I like o daw monkeys in out of space,rockets, but my favourute animal is monkey because our ancstors were monkeys.  like to sleep. My dad brang carbon dioxide. It made water fizzy.